BRAND: Atlas copco Atlas copco


Ø  Set to tackle your daily challenges, Atlas Copco’s high-performance tank-mounted GA compressors beat any workshop solution. Ready to supply high-quality air, they keep your air network clean and your production up and running.

Ø  Atlas Copco's GA oil-injected screw compressors provide you with industry-leading performance and reliability and allow you to benefit from a low cost of ownership. Atlas Copco offers a trinity line-up of compressors that matches your precise requirements.

Ø  Good-quality, dry air thanks to the integrated dryer.

Ø   Total control and assured efficiency with the Elektronikon ® controller.

 Made in ITALY





1. Robust element & motor

 The GA 15’s compression element, the most used in its size, is combined with an IE3/NEMA Class 1 efficiency motor. A 2-3% higher efficiency with the gear-driven drive train compared to belt-driven systems. Gear-driven drive train for best-in-class reliability and limited maintenance.

2. Advanced monitoring

State-of-the-art monitoring using a simple Ethernet connection, thanks to the Elektronikon® with a built-in server. Service and warning indications, error detection and compressor shut-down.Optional Elektronikon® graphic controller for further enhanced remote monitoring features and service time indications.

3. High tech oil vessel

Protection from oil contamination: extremely low oil carryover thanks to the vertical design of the oil vessel. Extremely low losses of compressed air during load/unload cycle thanks to minimized oil vessel size.

4. Integrated quality air solutions

The integrated dryer avoids condensation and corrosion in the network. Optional filters for air quality up to ISO Class 1 level Standard included water-separator. Additional energy savings with the dryer’s no-loss electronic drain.

5. Easy installation

A true plug-and-play solution, ideal machine for installation companies and OEMs. Optional integrated dryer, air filters and factory-mounted 500L receiver.