Legend HD


SteelTailor is engaged in Cutting and Welding business for nearly 17 years. Focuses on providing the world with innovative and affordable portable CNC solutions. Our product line includes a verity of portable CNC cutting machines.

  • Legend HD is an economical high definition plasma cutting machine, it is a cost-effective high definition cutting solution in 0-32mm metal plates (carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy, etc.) With half price of a traditional machine, Legend HD reshuffles the high price market of existing high definition plasma cutting machine. It is the good news to small and medium-sized workshops.
  • Legend HD is equipped with a brand new intelligent CNC System, which has a super strong plasma anti- interference capability and high sensitive built-in THC that can fully avoid cutting error and ensure its cutting accuracy. 
  • Free installation and debugging bring convenience to technicians.
  • Legend HD is mainly used in cutting 0-32mm carbon steel, aluminum alloy and other non-ferrous metal plates (automobile, shipbuilding, sheet metal cutting and sign making industries).
  • With concise design, efficient operation and precise performance, Legend HD offers an absolutely cost- effective high definition cutting solution for global users.

High Quality, High Performance, Superb Techniques Beyond All!