Four-Roller Plate Rolling Machine W12-16×3100



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This machine is four-roller plate rolling machine, top roller  are main drive and do rotation movement, lower roller makes up-down movement to make the plate  can get the frication along with length direction, two side rollers makes Up-down movement which is an angel with straight line, which can make the steel plate get the needed plastic deformation. 

  • Max width : 3100mm
  • The length of working roller : 3200mm
  • Max thickness ( central) : T16*B3100*φmin800σs≤245Mpamm
  • Max thickness (end) : T12*B3000*φmin2000σs≤245MPamm
  • Top roller diameter : Φ390 mm
  • Lower roller diameter : Φ360 mm
  • Side roller diameter : Φ300 mm
  • Rolling speed : About 3.5 m/min
  • Main motor power : 18.5 kW
  • Max working pressure of hydraulic system : 19.5 MPa