Han's Laser has more than 200 Laser machine models, all these equipments have been widely used in the production of electronic appliances, integrated circuits, telecommunication equipments, computers, auto parts, glass and optical units, construction materials, medical devices, jewelry, packaging materials, crafts, fashion and clothing, urban illumination and other fields. Each product from Han's Laser is strictly examined according to ISO9001 (QCS) and ISO14001 (EMS) standards before it is put on to the market. Many laser equipment series have acquired CE certificate. Han's Laser is with the hope and confidence to produce the world's first-class laser equipments.

Consists by laser generator, control system, motion system, optical system, cooling system, exhaust system and protection air blow system. The system commonly used in carbon steel, stainless steel, spring steel, alloy steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum and other metal sheet, The maximum cutting thickness is less than or equal to 6mm. (cutting depth may differ for different materials.

  • Max laser output power : 700W
  • Operating area (X axis Y axis) : 1500mm×3000mm



Thick structure, lower center of gravity, high-speed stability, plate auto-change, dual-drive. The bed adopts the whole welding structure, roughing after annealing to eliminate stress. After finishing secondary vibration treatment, the method makes a better solution to the stress generated due to welding and machining, thus greatly improving the machine stability. X, Y, Z axis.

Servo motors are imported from Japan, with a high precise ball screw, high precision linear ball guide rail, high precision disc gear, and high precision helical gear rack, effectively ensure the transmission accuracy; the machine is equipped with automatic lubrication system.

The cutting area with dust exhaust system at the bottom of the cutting area equipped with scrap car that is pulled out to clean up waste regularly.

  • l  Control system is more rational, mature and stable; with a central controller to control the timing of switching equipment, well protected key components of life.
  • l  The console is with user-friendly design, and the designed-graphic( cutting file) can be imported from USB
  • l  Control cabinet key electrical components are from genuine AB, Siemens, or Schneider.



Equipment characteristics 

lLow cost, high photoelectric conversion efficiency; it can blow air cutting all kinds of metal sheet;

lHigh performance, import the original fiber laser generator, stable performance, service life of up to more than 100,000hours;

lHigh speed, high efficiency, cutting speed up to 10+ meters/minute;

lThe cutting edge is good quality, less deformation, very smooth;

lUses the imported oriented transmission mechanism and servo motor, high precision cutting;

lBe optional design and graphic or text instant cutting, the operation is simple, flexible, convenient.